Streets of Liberty - Snowfall

Alister Speaks

Anyone Oo knows me knows that I ain’t above takin’ from the rich… That ain’t no secret! But these bloody bastards aren’t just takin from the rich, they’re takin’ from everyone. Nor are they just intristed in a wee bit of goweld neither. They wants absolutely everything from everybody! They make slaves of us all they do! An’ if a man stands up or speaks up, off he gowes to gaol or most likely, they just ‘ang ‘im on the spot! Bloody tyrants they are! Well, I ‘ave learned from being in the slave galleys I ‘ave! You stand up or you get kicked in the arse harder until they kills you!

I ‘ave made some friends over the years I ‘ave. These friends of mine know how to get things, and how to get from place to place real quiet like. Some of ‘em ‘ave been known to slice a throat or two. It does no good to jaw, we can’t fight ‘em straight out anyway… Not without a plan, and not without an army. We needs to strike ‘em where it ‘urts mate, then we can gets all the normal folk oo ‘ave been kicked around too much to do something. It’s not that they’re cowards, it is just that normal folk ‘ave too much to lose. They ‘ave families to think about after all. But we’ll need a face too! Someone that the people know and trust, or at least like. We’ll only be able to raise an army or make a government with someone like that as the head. After all, oo would vote for a bloody angel, a big Orc in robes or a rum sotted old sod like me? Nobody, that’s oo! We can gets it done, but we’ll need a face to make people believe in it, and a plan once we gets that old dragon dead! I expect that ol’ she pirate may ‘ave learned a few hexes or somesuch, but I think that its the dragon that keeps everybody in bed at night! I’m kinda curious though… That Maggie lass seemed to be a real ‘ero type, otherwise she would ‘ave just let ol’ Grimfrost kill us in the first place. Maybe she can be reached. If she isn’t well known enough in the city to lead a rebellion, she will at least know who is. I think that maybe it would be worth a look see. Lets talk to me friends in the Thieves’ Guild and get it done mates! ‘Strewth mate, pass me my rum you pointy eared bastard ya!



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