Streets of Liberty - Snowfall

Oris’ War Journal – Entry 58

Unwelcome guests

Unusual activity in the streets of the Old Quarter this day. We happened upon a trio of stony-skinned winged humanoids (further examination confirmed initial classification as gargoyles, simple elemental predator analogues) terrorizing the citizenry in a small market area. A fourth gargoyle, of a slightly different form, joined the battle once we had engaged it’s brethren (tactical note – remain alert for hidden reinforcements, creatures have substantial natural camouflage abilities). The battle was quick, and relatively one-sided, with the creatures paying next to no attention to the unarmed civilians once we had made ourselves a threat.

Questioning of those wounded before our arrival, undertaken at the shelter run by Runa Gravelgut, revealed that this was not the first such incident. Nor were the gargoyles simply attacking people – they appear to be searching for something or someone (strategic goal – determine origin and goal of elemental creatures and neutralize). During the course of our investigation, Runa also brought to our attention the shortages which have begun to strike the Old Quarter. The Gloomwrought fleet have been ‘taxing’ arriving merchant ships, taking anything that strikes their fancy or needs (strategic need – counter to enemy fleet – Ghostwall a possibility). Given the poverty endemic to the Quarter, only the dregs of what remain are reaching people here, and even that is becoming priced beyond the means of many (strategic goal – smuggles supplies for residents and resistance movement into the city).

Made contact with Parkol at the usual place to discuss the potential for a joint effort in resolving the shortage; we secure a supply of goods, the guild sees to the distribution and provides a secure point of entry. He was convinced to carry our proposition to Sepris, who would have an answer regarding feasibility within 24 hours. (Strategic needs – financial backer with merchant marine (Lady Drakemere primary, disgruntled merchantmen secondary, Maggie Tremontaine tertiary), method of entry (Hagmarsh base led by Sir Ferrunka primary, Maggie Tremontaine distant secondary), distribution (Thieves Guild primary, Runa and Hruli Gravelgut secondary). Strategic note – Ghostwall would make a strong interim point between merchant ships and the Hagmarsh base, mutually beneficial support.)

Efforts turned to dealing with the gargoyle menace. A newly acquired ritual allowed me sift through the foremost thoughts carried upon the city’s ether; with focus I was able to glean the locations of the confirmed sighting. Efforts upon the streets by my compatriots brought mixed results; they were able to narrow the timings of the attacks, but also attracted the attention of our enemies. The ensuing battle against the dragonborn hunter, his draconian armsmen, and a trio of human collaborators was short and vicious (tactical note – study the death throes of the varying draconian breeds, prepare counter-measures).

Continuing study of the gargoyle’s pattern of movement has led to likely area of next appearance. We will set a trap, using Alister as bait and following a search pattern lain out by Torinn. Results to follow.



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