Streets of Liberty - Snowfall

Oris’ War Journal – Entry 59

Unwelcome Guests - Part 2

A band of gargoyles went for our bait, allowing us the chance to ambush and destroy them. Another new breed, this one of ice…chance, or perhaps a clue to their origin? Utilizing a piece of the gargoyle’s remains, I was able to discern that no foreign enchantment bound them; they had not been summoned. A planar rift then.

An unfortunate yet expected occurrence during our continued investigation into further attacks – Shiveren’s body was dumped publicly, a warning to those who would oppose the rule of the cult of Tiamat. His assault against those who betrayed the Arcane University has reached its expected end. While my compatriots retrieved his body, I kept watch for those who might be observing us in turn and was rewarded for my caution. A humanoid figure, it’s form wrapped and concealed in yellow cloth, watched from the rooftops. I attempted to intercept, but the being managed to escape both Dawn and myself (strategic goal – discover identity and goals of unknown being).

Reuniting with the others back at the hidden shrine, I used my magic to view the last few moments of Shiveren’s life, confirming the identity of his killer (note – Mary Tremontaine and Shar Whitemoon; strategic goal – balance the scales). Runa will see that he is properly buried (note – will carry news to Javiem myself).

Continued discussion on best method to determine the origin of gargoyles – recommendations of consulting with Zoolal or Sulekh lead me to believe that my compatriots do not comprehend the nature of those beings. Torinn’s need for immediate action irks me, yet it is a valuable counter to my own need to contemplate every act; tuning him out in this case provided just the right motivation to piece together enough clues to form a coherent plan of action in a suitable time frame. The first attack came from the direction of the temple quarter, so that would be the direction we would search in. The creation of a planar rift, small though it must be, would require a massive release of elemental energy – cold, given the form of the gargoyles – Grimfrost’s strike on the temple of Ur-Argo would fit. I had discounted it earlier due to the difference in time frame, but the rift could have been slowly growing rather than being created immediately.

Caution was required to slip into the temple quarter while avoiding the shadar-kai patrols, managed without incident this time. Nearing the ruined temple of Ur-Argo, I could sense that this was indeed the source of the gargoyles – visual confirmation soon followed. I dealt with the rift, sealing it and forcing the creatures attempting to emerge back into the Elemental Chaos where they belong, while Krush, Alister and Torinn dealt with the guardians – gargoyles and a pair of stronger elemental creatures (tactical note – analysis indicates they were chillfire destroyers). The battle left most of our band wearied and bruised, but I feel as if we are beginning to fight as a group rather than as a collection of individuals. I will not fail these heroes as I have those fallen in the past.



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