Streets of Liberty - Snowfall

Oris’ War Journal - Entry 57

How things stand

Tiamat’s followers have control of Liberty, though not as surely as they would no doubt like, thanks to a bit of good fortune on our part…or perhaps the lightest hand of divine intervention. And with the grand gate destroyed, their ability to transfer the troops stranded in Gloomwrought should be sharply limited (strategic opportunity – limiting access to reagents and/or eliminating ritual casters). Lady Tremontaine and Grimfrost appear to be the gravest threats now that Raashiva has been forced into his reincarnation cycle (seemed too easy somehow, perhaps my perspective was skewed in his regard…). Of the two, I judge Tremontaine to be the greater danger (strategic opportunity – sow discord between forces loyal to each); a wyrm as mighty as Grimfrost must never be discounted, but by simply by virtue of his nature his is a known danger; Tremontaine on the other hand… Humans have such a grand scope that she cannot be as easily planned for, nor can her potential to influence those we seek to save – she played our band easily enough in the past.

As strong as our enemies may be, given time, focus and leadership, our allies (or those with the potential to be so) can be even stronger. Runa is all that her teacher could have hoped for, I only wish that her rise had not been accompanied by such tragedy as she has faced. Distasteful as the association is, the assistance of the Guild of Thieves represents a formidable tactical and strategic advantage, and should remain so for as long as the current leadership can retain control of their organization (note – must be ready to intervene should threat arise to displace Sepris or Parkol). Semetha I remain unsure of – while she has given Rupali leave to pass along information gleaned from shadar-kai, there remains the strong possibility that information passes both ways (tactical counter – test with disinformation). Rupali…I fear for her, that she should involve herself in such a dangerous way… Maggie Tremontaine remains a strong possible ally or enemy; I shall contemplate the matter further. Soon it will be time to look beyond Liberty for further allies; Sir Ferrunka, perhaps the dwarves of Ghostwall (tactical note – continued danger to them as long as Liberty is held by enemies).



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