Streets of Liberty - Snowfall

Prelude - Snowfall Chapter 3

Already well beyond the limits of Soot Street’s underground maze, the adventurers watched with some trepidation as their guide retreated back beyond the radius of their sunrod’s glow, retracing his steps back to Liberty City and leaving them alone at the mouth of a natural cavern.

By their reckoning, after half-a-day’s journey underground, they were somewhere below the forested hills north of the city – maybe a day or two from the southern border of the Hagmarsh.

Krush’s nose wrinkled beneath his mask as he caught the faintest scent of something musty and unpleasant from somewhere up ahead. Alister took a moment to check his supplies, particularly his wineskins, while Torinn, anxious to get going, shifted his weight from one foot to the other, his heavy armour making scraping sounds on the stone floor. Oris meanwhile stood almost as still as a statue, the sunrod glowing in his hand, his pale eyes reflecting nothing of whatever he felt about the journey ahead except for his determination that the journey be made.

After another long moment, Torinn snorted his impatience and moved ahead into the gloom. Without any further hesitation, the others followed.


After a day and a half in the tunnels, or such was their best guess given they had seen no sign of sun, moon or sky since starting their journey, there was definitely a change in the tunnels.

Up until now the caverns had been rough and sometimes difficult to navigate, but the party was now beginning to see clear signs that others had been here before. The stone walls showed clear signs of having been worked by hand, and the floors were smoother and more even than they had been in the tunnels behind them. Something unexpected lay ahead, and for this group unexpected often meant dangerous. Steeling their resolve, and checking their weapons, the adventurers moved forward toward whatever fate had in store for them up ahead…



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