Chief Mudgut

Chief of Mudgut's Tribe, a nasty group of bullywugs in the Hagmarsh


Mudgut, a particularly fat and vile bullywug chief, struck a bargain with Kalarel and the cult of Tiamat. Mudgut and his tribe would raid merchant ships that passed too near the Hagmarsh coast, share in the wealth taken and be allowed to reside behind the fortified walls of the keep. The goods and treasure the tribe seized would be split with Skytherax, the black dragon lairing beneath the keep, and the captured crew would be turned over to the cult for sacrifice to fuel their attempt to re-open the dormant portal to Tytherion, Tiamat’s home plane.

While wallowing in his pool of mud and filth, attended by his harem of bullywug females, Mudgut was rudely interrupted by Balasaar, Oris and Nobody as they explored the ruins. Acting quickly before Mudgut could muster his full and awesome power, the adventuring trio ended his evil reign once and for all.

Chief Mudgut

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