Cyril Twocoins

Former Thieves' Guild member and slyss dealer


Cyril Twocoins was a long-time member of the Thieves’ guild. A petty thug with big ambitions who never seemed able to catch a break and make the big time. He was approached by Mihina who, through persuasion and seduction, convinced him that he deserved to be the next leader of the guild.

With help from Raashiva, Cyril became the main purveyor of slyss in the Old Quarter. The money from the drugs made him a small fortune, allowing Cyril to finally show a measure of success and build support for his run at guild leader.

When Cyril did eventually make his move to depose Sepris he was thwarted by the actions of Balasaar, Nobody and Oris. Cyril and his lieutenants were killed in a bloody battle in the sewers beneath the Temple Quarter in a final confrontation with Sepris and the adventurers.

Cyril Twocoins

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