Ensign Davy Roperigger

Proprietor of Ensign Davy's Tattoo Shop


Ensign Davy runs a tattoo shop on the waterfront, eking out a living off sailors and others with a few coins to spend on getting ink done while in port. Despite all of the hum-drum and standard tattoos Davy has done over the last several years, Ensign Davy has a real talent for artistry and exotic design. Unfortunately, it is this talent that brought him to the attention of Lord Davon Hallonica.

Hallonica approached Ensign Davy with a somewhat shady commission, but the large bag full of gold banished any nagging bits of conscience bothering the artist. In return for a a heavy payment, Davy tattooed a special arcane design on the arms of four vagrant slyss-addicts that Hallonica brought to the shop. Using exotic inks the nobleman had provided, and following a very specific and complicated pattern, Davy branded each of them with a Living Tattoo.

In time Balasaar, Nobody, Oris and Alister found Ensign Davy’s shop, after themselves having fallen victim to the magic of the living tattoos he had created. Davy told the adventurers everything he knew, including mentioning the creepy cloaked figure that had accompanied Hallonica on each visit.

Ensign Davy has since drunk and whored his way through all of the gold given him by Hallonica, and is now once again scraping by tattooing the arms and backsides of drunken sailors.

Ensign Davy Roperigger

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