Garamon Drakemere

Late husband of Elspeth Drakemere and Father to Lucan and Lucius


Garamon Drakemere, descended from the long line of the Drakemere merchant family in Liberty City, made his own contribution to the storied family history through a successful career as an adventuring merchant in his youth. Garamon discovered new markets and sources of revenue that filled the Drakemere coffers for years before settling down to marry Lady Elspeth Drakemere and later sire his two sons, Lucius and Lucan.

Regrettably, Garamon over time began to miss the praise and glory he had become accustomed to in his youth and began to long for a return to an adventuring life. It was this lust for new glory that led him to Davon Hallonica and Mary Tremontaine, with them forming the triumvirate that founded the current cult of Tiamat in Liberty City.

Under the name Knight of Swords, Garamon aided the cult in recruiting members and allies, and it was he who led the expedition to explore The Hagmarsh to find Thygard Keep and the portal to Tytherion.

It was only after he began to see the corrupting influence his actions were having on his eldest son, Lucius, that Garamon finally understood and began to regret the evil path he had set himself on. While praying that Lucius’ soul be saved from the path an errant father had set it on, Garamon also sent his youngest son Lucan to the Temple of {{Ur-Argo]] in hopes of Lucan being shown a different way.

Garamon’s change of heart was not well received by his partners. Garamon and his ship were lost at sea.

Garamon Drakemere’s Diary was discovered by Oris, Nobody, Alister and Balasaar while investigating the cult of Tiamat.

Garamon Drakemere

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