Ancient white dragon and worshipper of Tiamat


Grimfrost is an ancient white dragon whose mere presence causes cold and wintry conditions to manifest anywhere he stays for an extended period of time. He was first encountered by Oris, Balasaar, Alister and Nobody in the Hagmarsh when he, in a rage, hunted them after they had slain his mate Skytherax and destroyed the portal to Tytherion.

Although the heroes escaped his wrath on that day, Grimfrost has since returned at the vanguard of a conquering army that has seized control of Liberty City. Along with Mary Tremontaine, Grimfrost heads up the cult of Tiamat and now rules from the Royal Palace over a conquered Liberty City.

Little is yet known about Grimfrosts’ earlier history, but Torinn remembers the beast from the Battle of Sem’s Anvil, where he fought a younger Grimfrost in personal combat.


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