Hruli Gravelgut

Owner of Hruli's Fathom, a tavern in the Old Quarter


Hruli Gravelgut rarely speaks of his life before he settled down to run Hruli’s Fathom, his tavern in the Old Quarter. Popular rumours suggest that Hruli was once a grand adventurer who travelled much of the world. Some say that Hruli returned to Liberty City wealthy beyond measure from his adventures and that his great store of gold is hidden somewhere in the Fathom.

Hruli is known as a gruff, no-nonsense dwarf with little in the way of a sense of humour. The only soft spot he is known to have is for his adopted daughter, Runa. Of how he came to be Runa’s father, Hruli says only that she is a great gift left to him by friends.

Hruli has grudgingly been drawn into the underground movement in Liberty working against the cult of Tiamat, mostly because Runa has chosen to take a leadership role in the underground and he feels he must look out for her.


Hruli Gravelgut

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