Isabel Hallonica

Lady of Hallonica house, now a lost soul trapped in an automaton body


Lady Isabel Hallonica, a young daughter of the Laylora family, was married to a much older Davon Hallonica, as part of a bid by a lesser merchant house to gain power and influence. Davon accepted the bride largely because of the large dowry that came with her, but otherwise paid her little attention afterward.

Isabel uncovered Davon’s work creating clockwork automatons for the cult of Tiamat. Davon, furious over her intrusion into his affairs, ripped her soul from her body and had it transferred to a clockwork body he had made special for her.

Isabel did not oppose Oris, Shiveren, Alister and Nobody when they assaulted Hallonica estate and defeated her husband and his nefarious plans.

Now, her soul trapped in a clockwork body that vaguely resembles her old self, her emotions dimmed by the nature of her mechanical body, Isabel haunts the partially ruined Hallonica estate searching for meaning in her new demi-life. Her only companion is Shiveren’s former apprentice Javiem, who has also had his soul stolen and trapped in a clockwork body.


In a recent visit to her estate, Oris, Alister, Torinn and Krush sought Lady Hallonica’s help in finding allies and support for their growing resistance movement. Though isolated from the city Isabel offered what advice she could.

Oris asked her if there was anything they could do for her in return for her help. Isabel asked for two favours, if possible. First, she asked the adventurers if they could give her a name she could engrave on Nobody’s grave – as he had been laid to rest in the estate gardens. Second, she asked if they could, to find a way to revive the frozen, dead gardens. Lady Hallonica once loved spending her time in the estate gardens, before Davon’s insanity and the coming of the never-ending winter brought by Grimfrost.

Isabel Hallonica’s Diary

Isabel Hallonica

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