Lady Elspeth Drakemere

Matron of the Drakemere family


Lady Elspeth Drakemere is descended from the long and storied Drakemere line in Liberty City. Raised to learn all the necessary skills of a noble lady, Elspeth was married to Garamon Drakemere, her third cousin, and thus came to be the reigning matron of the Drakemere family.

The death of her husband not long ago hit her hard, for she loved Garamon fiercely despite his faults. She may have recovered had not both her sons, Lucius and Lucan also been killed within a year of her husband’s disappearance at sea.

Lady Drakemere blames Oris and Alister, and their late companions Balasaar and Nobody for the loss of her family. Though she knows the cult of Tiamat is at the heart of all the troubles, she believes it was the involvement of the adventurers that sparked the events that led to the brutal end of her sons’ lives.

Bereft of her family and consumed by grief and bitterness, Lady Drakemere wears black at all times now, in mourning for her lost family as she goes about the business of maintaining the Drakemere family business interests.

Lady Elspeth Drakemere

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