Lesh Karnstenfein

Shadar-Kai noble, designer of clockwork creatures


A supporter of the cult of Tiamat, Lesh is part of the Karnstenfein shadar-kai noble house in Gloomwrought. Lesh worked with Davon Hallonica and Javiem to create the clockwork automatons, as the soul crystals that power them, that now serve the cult and help enforce the occupation of Liberty City.

How Davon Hallonica and Lesh first met is not yet clear. Davon had in his laboratory a magical mirror that served as a portal between Liberty and Gloomwrought. Oris, Alister and Shiveren used this portal to travel to Gloomwrought and then destroyed the mirror so that it could not be used again.

The adventurers tracked down Lesh to a crumbling prison in Gloomwrought. It was here that the cult of Tiamat was smuggling slyss-addicts from Liberty and stealing their souls to power the clockwork automatons.

The party slew Lesh in a confrontation while freeing the slaves imprisoned in the shadar-kai’s mad laboratory on the top level of the prison.

Lesh Karnstenfein

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