Lord Davon Hallonica

Second Eldest of the Hallonica Family


Though a wealthy and powerful member of the Hallonica family, Davon was the second son and remained so throughout his life. Certain he was destined for greatness, it frustrated and angered Davon to see his elder brother become head of the family and revel in glory and riches while he toiled away.

Over time, greed and envy began to consume Davon, until finally he found himself drawn to worship of Tiamat. The Dark Lady promised him riches and glory if he followed her path, and he did so with vigor and zeal. With Mary Tremontaine and Garamon Drakemere he formed a powerful triumvirate to lead the cult of Tiamat out of obscurity and into the halls of power in Liberty City.

It was Davon, with help from other members of the cult and the unwitting support of an apprentice from the Arcane University, who created the clockwork automata that support the cult. It was he who first uncovered the arcane process for harvesting souls and placing them within the machines as a source of power.

It was also Davon who helped a vengeful Lucius Drakemere hunt down and attempt to destroy Oris, Alister, Balasaar and Nobody by branding them with the mark of Tiamat. It was also Davon who was able, through manipulation of pirates and criminals, obtain The Wrathstone, a powerful artifact central to his and the cult of Tiamat’s plans.

Ultimately, however, on the eve of victory Davon was betrayed by Mary Temontaine who had come to believe he was more a liability than an asset given his continued failure to deal with the adventurer heroes (as well as she did not wish to share the glory with him when their victory came). When evidence was brought to the city council by the adventurers showing that Davon had had a direct hand in undermining Liberty City’s long-standing treaty with Ghostwall and had bee instrumental in convincing Prince Fiorelle to send the bulk of the navy to its doom at the Battle of Ghostwall, Mary Tremontaine was able to convince the council to have Davon Hallonica arrested on charges of treason.

Davon escaped his imprisonment before he could be executed, in the process steaing the Wrathstone from Mary and barricading himself in his fortified estate. Oris, Alister, Balasaar and Nobody were recruited to raid the estate and bring him to justice.

Davon was ultimately defeated after he had transferred his own soul into a giant clockwork dragon, but this battle also saw the death of Nobody, a valiant champion of the forces arrayed against Tiamat and her followers.

Lord Davon Hallonica

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