Lucan Drakemere

Youngest son of the Drakemere family and paladin of Ur-Argo


Youngest son of Elspeth and Garamon Drakemere, Lucan in many ways was like his father. He had a thirst for adventure and discovery and often found himself getting into trouble for testing the limits of proper behaviour for a noble family’s son. Though his parents did try to curb his more daring instincts, they also quietly joyed in watching him live his young life without fear and often with success.

In his early teens Lucan’s father sent him to Rigossi, high priest of Ur-Argo, to be trained as a priest. At first Lucan balked at the idea, and did his best to resist being forced into a religious life with a religion he barely knew and cared nothing about.

Garamon was adamant in his decision however, and Rigossi was patient with the young boy. In time, Lucan found that not only did he enjoy exploring some of the bigger ideas of the church Ur-Argo, he even excelled at it. His keen mind, coupled with the martial training he had from being a nobleman’s son made him the perfect candidate for a paladin of the dragon god. Under Rigossi’s tutelage, Lucan in soon became the new Champion of Ur-Argo. Sadly, his father Garamon had disappeared at sea a few years before Lucan finished his training.

All was not well, however, as Lucan’s elder brother Lucius grew more and more jealous of his sibling. In the days before Lucan was to receive his final blessing and formally take up the paladin’s mantle, Lucius betrayed him and sent him into a downward spiral that would eventually end in tragedy for the entire Drakemere family.

The Missing Paladin

Possessed by an incubus devil that his brother had loosed upon him, Lucan spent three days debauching himself in the Old Quarter before Balasaar, Oris and Nobody were able to find him – the heroes having been hired by Lady Drakemere to find her missing boy.

The party of adventurers rescued Lucan just before his brother Lucius, who had become a worshipper of Tiamat, could deal a fatal blow to the paladin. Lucius was killed in the encounter and a wounded and confused Lucan was returned to his family estate.

Lucan was thankful for being rescued, but found that he could not easily reconcile his core beliefs with his own behaviour under the influence of the incubus. Leaving his armour and shield to to Balasaar as a thank you for his brave deeds, Lucan left Liberty City for a time on a pilgrimage to Ur-Argo’s peak.

The Mark of Tiamat

Lucan returned to Liberty City some time later, horrified to find that his brother Lucius had somehow risen from the dead and was now a wraith, fueled by madness and hate. When Lucan discovered that his risen brother had worked evil magic on the heroes who had once saved him, Lucan grew determined to confront Lucius once and for all and exact revenge for all the evil the younger Drakemere had caused.

Alongside Oris, Balasaar, Alister and Nobody he fought past fierce undead creatures in the Liberty City cemetery to make his way to the Drakemere family mausoleum. There, amid the silent remains of his family’s ancestors, Lucan fought and killed his brother, but not before Lucius could himself deal a mortal blow. The two died side by side on the mausoleum floor, both victims of the jealous and lust for vengeance that are the mark of Tiamat.

Lucan now lays at his final rest, along side his father and brother, in the family mausoleum, where his mother Elspeth visits often.

Lucan Drakemere

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