Maggie Tremontaine

Youngest daughter of Mary Tremontaine and notorious privateer


Maggie grew up spending half her youth in the storied halls of House Tremontaine, and the other half walking the decks and climbing the rigging of the Tremontaine merchant fleet. Youngest daughter of Maryand angus Tremontaine, Maggie has always been headstrong and brash – some say very much like her mother was as a young woman.

As soon as she was of age Maggie took what money she had access to from the family coffers and bought herself an old but fast sloop and set out to sea with a small, hand-picked crew. Three weeks later she sailed back into Liberty Harbour at the helm of a High Kingdom merchantman she had boarded and captured in waters near the Sea of Ghosts. It’s hull was filled with a king’s ransom of gold and exotic goods that had been bound for a High Kingdom noble. Maggie was welcomed back a hero among the pirates and privateers that call Liberty home, and the ship, re-christened the Howling Maid, has become Maggie’s personal pirate ship.

In the years since, Maggie has often set out to sea as a privateer under letters of marque from the Prince, earning some substantial profit for the Crown and for her family, while building her own reputation as one of the fiercest captains in the western seas. Tales of some of her voyages have become favourite stories among sailors in the Old Quarter, and they grow with each re-telling. It was on one of these voyages that Maggie met Harlan Wavebreaker, who would become her first mate and most loyal friend.

Thygard Keep

Several months ago the Howling Maid was attacked by bullywugs from Mudgut’s tribe when it sailed too close to the shores of the Hagmarsh. Though most of her crew was slain in the attack or killed later after having been imprisoned by the bullywugs in the ruin of Thygard Keep, Maggie was rescued by Oris, Balasaar and Nobody when they raided the keep.

Maggie would later return the favour by rescuing the adventurers from Morwa’s Den.

The Battle of Ghostwall

Maggie and Harlan were later rescued again by the adventurers from a prison in a sahuagin lair beneath the Sea of Ghosts. It was later learned that Maggie and her crew had been set up by Davon Hallonica and that the attack and capture by the Sahuagin had been planned by him and the cult of Tiamat. Maggie and Harlan helped the party in their efforts against the cult in Ghostwall. It was in that battle that Harlan died, and Maggie lost her best and most trusted friend.


In occupied Liberty City, Maggie Tremontaine is trying to come to grips with the new world she finds herself living in. With the wound caused by Harlan’s death still fresh, she has come to find that it was her own mother who orchestrated many of the recent troubles she and her friends have faced. Her best friend dead, her mother the head of an evil cult that has invaded the city, and the revelation that she has unwittingly played a part in all of it has broken Maggie’s spirit. He ship only rarely leave the harbour, and she herself has not left the Howling Maid in over two months. Spending most of her time drunk in her cabin, it will take a miracle to renew her spirit and convince her there is anything worth fighting for in this world.


Maggie Tremontaine

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