Mary Tremontaine

Matron of the Tremontaine family and new ruler of Liberty City


Mary Tremontaine, born to the Tremontaine noble family in Liberty City, has long been recognized as a shrewd businesswoman and able politician. Even as a young woman she impressed many of the elder leaders of the city, earning much wealth and respect for her family.

As a young woman, Mary had caught the eye of Prince Ottavio (Prince Fiorelle’s father) and the two shared a passionate romance. The Tremontaine family was overjoyed at the prospect that their daughter would unite them with the royal family line. Despite expectations, however, Ottavio continued to put off any engagement until, one day, he told Mary that he had tired of her and instead married his second cousin.

Though Mary eventually married another, her hatred for Prince Ottavio never abated even long after Ottavio had died. To her mind Prince Fiorelle had the throne that rightfully belonged to her and her children. On the night Ottavio rejected her, angry and heartbroken, Mary swore a dark oath of vengeance and started along the path Tiamat laid out for her.

Over the years Mary Tremontaine has become more wealthy and powerful than ever, and when she inherited leadership of her family she catapulted Tremontaine to become the most prominent and influential family in Liberty City. Likewise her children have become important figures in the city, including her rebellious daughter Maggie, who has become a notorious privateer.

It was Mary who first approached Garamon Drakemere and Lord Davon Hallonica to form the triumvirate that would bring the cult of Tiamat to power.

When Hallonica and Fiorelle were exposed to the council for their role in instigating the disastrous war with Ghostwall, thanks to the efforts of Oris, Alister, Nobody and Balasaar, Mary seized the opportunity she had created and deposed Fiorelle, assuming the title of Regent. With Davon Hallonica and Garamon Drakemere now both dead, and with the arrival of Grimfrost and her other allies, Mary is poised to formally take the crown and begin a new royal dynasty in Liberty City.


Mary Tremontaine

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