Morwa, Mab and Morag

The three sisters, the three hags


A trio of hags inhabiting the Hagmarsh, these three sisters had lived in the great swamp for more than a thousand years, plotting and scheming. They would occasionally share an enchanted cottage deep in the marsh.

Morwa, the youngest, would often take on the guise of a young girl to lure weary travellers to their doom in her den beneath an old tree. Morwa was slain by Balasaar, Nobody, Alister and Oris, but not after they had already fallen for her trap and nearly been killed themselves. Had it not been for a last-minute rescue by Maggie Tremontaine, Harlan Wavebreaker and the crew of the Howling Maid, the adventurers would no doubt have never emerged from Morwa’s lair.

It was on a later trip to the Hagmarsh, to search for the spear Wyrmbreaker that had been lost in Morwa’s lair, that the adventuring heroes met Morwa’s sisters Mab and Morag.

Morag, an old crone, found the four travellers and brought them back to the cottage, where Mab, a woman in the fullness of her youth and beauty, welcomed them to rest and a warm meal. The two sisters then set the heroes on a quest to find an evil thorn at the heart of the Hagmarsh and bring it to them so they might destroy it and end the influence of evil over the marsh once and for all. The adventurers spent the night at the cottage before setting out in the morning. During the night Mab came to Alister’s bed, and he welcomed her with a smile and open arms.

In truth, the hags sought to trick the heroes into delivering to them a unicorn’s horn that they could not themselves retrieve. The horn was the only thing holding back a great fomorian lord who lay in torpor in the middle of The Dreaming Lake.

With the help of a newfound ally, Sir Ferrunka, the hags were defeated and their plan foiled, but not before the fomorian lord was almost unleashed upon the world. While the crone Morag was slain, the younger Mab was allowed to flee when she revealed she was carrying Alister’s unborn child.

Morwa, Mab and Morag

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