Elven sorceress and partner to Sepris, leader of the Thieves' Guild


Omoki has the kind of ethereal beauty generally reserved for fair-tale queens – the evil kind. She has midnight-black hair pulled back, lending her features a severe cast, and her perfumed skin is milky-pale because she rarely ventures outside. To Sepris’ delight – and the chagrin of nearly everyone who knows that she’s taken – Omoki dresses in revealing attire, usually appearing as though she’s just been interrupted on her way to a romantic encounter.

Omoki arrived in Liberty shortly after Sepris seized power in the Thieves’ Guild and went immediately to him, as though he had sent for her. He provided a place for her in the Guild’s stronghold, and had his servants move in several boxes and trunks she had brought with her. Omoki is known to create magic items and charms for the Thieves’ Guild and tests and identifies items collected by guild members. She is also the guild’s eyes and ears in places where agents and informants cannot go.



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