"Who's Sepris? You wanted to talk to somebody in charge. So start talking."


Parkol is a bear of a man, with huge arms and shoulders and so much hair that, from a distance, he appears to be wearing a frayed wool shirt. His slack expression makes him look either sad or slow-witted, but his piercing gaze points out that he’s not one to trifle with. Parkol wears a great deal of jewelry, though never more than half his collection at one time.

Parkol is one of Sepris’ oldest friends. They were in the same street gang together and joined the Thieves’ Guild as enforcers at the same time. Parkol remained in Liberty when Sepris went to sea, and when Sepris returned, Parkol helped his old friend bring down many of the previous leaders’ lieutenants. Now Parkol is one of Sepris’ lieutenants, and the bond between them is virtually unassailable.


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