Proprietress of the House of Orchids


A green-eyed lady of medium height with long, dark hair past her shoulders, Semetha is not so much beautiful as sensuous. Semetha’s features are finely sculpted, though she shows a few wrinkles. Unfounded rumour has it that she is quite old and uses magic to remain so attractive.

Semetha was once wed to a High Kingdom nobleman who died in his middle years. Bored of the court life, Semetha took her inheritance south and, while in Liberty, observed how brutally the city’s prostitutes were treated. Something inside her made her intervene, and she founded the House of Orchids, staffing it with those prostitutes she deemed worthy of her efforts: unwed mothers, runaways, and the like. Semetha personally indulges the occasional customer, but is more interested in her secret business of gathering and selling information.


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