Sir Ferrunka

Bugbear hero and Warden of the Hagmarsh


Ferrunka was a member of a tribe of bugbears and goblins in the Hagmarsh. As she grew and trained as a warrior, Ferrunka found more and more that she did not feel at home with the rest of her tribe. When her tribe sided with the cult of Tiamat in the swamp she reluctantly joined, but felt even more alienated among the devious and evil cult members.

One day, while patrolling the ruined corridors of Thygard Keep, Ferrunka came across a collection of old and worn books. Though she normally would have shown no interest in such things as she cannot read, these books told their stories with many brightly coloured illustrations – stories of knights and dragons and acts of daring and honour. Though she did not realize it, Ferrunka had found a collection of children’s stories that were once treasured possessions of Sir Keegan’s children long ago.

Inspired by the stories, Ferrunka found a new path to follow. Abandoning her tribe, she set out on her own in the swamps. Sir Ferrunka would be a knight-errant, helping those in need, doing brave deeds and living by a code of honour.

Balasaar, Nobody, Oris and Alister first encountered Sir Ferrunka while travelling the Hagmarsh. They rescued the bugbear knight from the tar pits, and in return she became their stalwart companion throughout the rest of their journey, aiding them in overcoming the dangers of the marsh.

At the end of their quest in the swamp, when they had defeated the evil plot hatched by Mab and Morag to revive a slumbering fomorian lord, Sir Ferrunka was blessed by the spirits of the Hagmarsh for her bravery and honour.

Thus Sir Ferrunka became Warden of the Hagmarsh, pledged to protect the primal forces of the swamp, maintain the balance of nature and stand for all that is right and good.


Sir Ferrunka

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