Sir Keegan

A Deva warrior, once captain of Thygard Keep


Sir Keegan was once an officer in the Empire of Bael Turath during the reign of Emperor Orasir. He was assigned to watch over the sealed portal to Tytherion below Thygard Keep.

The whispers of the Dark Lady corrupted his mind, perhaps because his Deva nature made him more susceptible to the dark god’s influence. Driven by madness, Keegan murdered his wife and children before killing the guards and others stationed in the keep. In the end, wounded and dying, he sealed himself in his own tomb, hoping that his death would allow his soul to be reborn elsewhere free of Tiamat’s influence.

The turmoil that tainted his soul prevented him from reincarnating, however, and for a century he remained bound to the keep as a discorporate deva.

It was Oris, Nobody, Balasaar and Alister who were able to finally put his spirit to rest an send him on to his next incarnation by recovering his spear, Wyrmbreaker, slaying Skytherax and collapsing the portal to Tyherion forever.

As Keegan began to fade away into his next life, a portion of the deva’s spirit remained bound to Wymbreaker, empowering the weapon beyond its normal enchantment. Later, this portion of his soul was released while Oris fought with the spear in Gloomwrought and the spirits of Balasaar and Nobody, who had both been slain in the course of adventuring, appeared and bound themselves in part to the weapon to reinforce Oris’ will with their own.

Sir Keegan

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