Sulekh Goldheart

Gnome merchant and profiteer


Sulekh Goldheart was long a poor merchant scraping-by in the Arcane Quarter Bazaar, selling false charms and useless trinkets to the gullible. He would occasionally come across a genuine magic item through trade or skullduggery, and selling items like this would keep him fed and living well enough.

Sulekh had more than one run-in with Oris, Balasaar, Nobody and Alister when they needed information or items that only he could provide. It was Sulekh who sold Lucius Drakemere the evil amulet that allowed him to curse his brother Lucan. And it was Sulekh who provided Lord Davon Hallonica and Lucius Drakemere with the exotic inks needed to create the mark of Tiamat tattoos that were used to brand the adventurers.

Sulekh has profited well by the conquest of Liberty City. He was able to scavenge the ruins of the Arcane University and find many valuable items that he was able to sell, making himself a large enough profit to start a more permanent business.

His tavern and shop, the Heart of Gold, is now well-known in the Arcane Quarter as a gathering place for both legitimate and illegitimate business, and has even become of favourite hang out of some of the Shadar Kai occupying the city.

Sulekh Goldheart

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