Djinn proprietor of The Blue House


Zoolal has been in Liberty since The Blue House was built, during the reign of Emperor Orasir. Because he cannot leave the house voluntarily, he has over the years gathered about him a force of volunteer wizards to act as the custodians of his home.

Zoolal’s race is long-lived, and being stuck in a wondrous mansion for centuries is far preferable to being at the beck and call of any half-wit who can rub a ring. The wizards who act as the clerks in the Blue House rarely ever call upon Zoolal, leaving him with a great deal of free time to feast and drink, to browse through his collection of magic items, and to conduct his own research.

Zoolal is a massive figure, 11 feet tall and broad-shouldered. His skin is a pale blue, accentuated by the light from the blue glass windows of the Blue House to lend him a kind of unearthly glow. He has a topknot of jet-black hair, and shining eyes with a gold tinge to them. He wears a long, black loincloth, curly-toed shoes, and gold jewelry.


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