Cove Haven

The city of Liberty began as a convenient place for fishermen to tie up their boats when the sea became too rough. But pirates learned of the site and drove out the fishermen, converting it to a hideout where they could winter safely. The more it was used, the more pirates learned of it. And the more pirates who learned of it, the larger it grew. The original few shanties became hovels, then houses, then taverns, inns, and so on. Some pirates retired from the seafaring life to take up permanent residence. In just a short while, the place marked on pirate maps as “Cove Haven” became an actual village, with merchants, craftsmen, and all the trappings of a real settlement—albeit still a settlement of pirates.

But as the village grew into a town, the lawless nature of the place began to take its toll. Some part of Cove Haven was always ablaze due to some rivalry or another. Bandits and even a few monsters drifted in from the surrounding countryside, taking up residence and raiding their neighbours as they pleased. A secretive order of sorcerers and cultists established a temple on the hillside to the south, and rumors about abductions and blood sacrifices began to surface. A dragon had reputedly taken up residence in a hidden cave further up the coast. Finally, one pirate captain had had enough. After a nearby fire spread and destroyed his home, Captain Vezkin relocated to a bluff overlooking the cove, built a stockade and a jail, and recruited some of the town’s more honest men to help him arrest every troublemaker in town. Other townsfolk joined in his crusade, and in short order, Vezkin had brought law to Cove Haven. As a reward for his efforts, when he declared himself prince of the town, the townsfolk offered no strenuous arguments.

Vezkin’s descendants ruled Cove Haven for centuries. As time went on, the pirates visited less and less, and Cove Haven gained a respectable air. At some point, Cove Haven was captured by the armies of the Bael Turath empire, and languished under its control for over a decade, while the true ruler, Prince Dolmir, fled north to the capital city of the High Kingdom, seeking refuge. Forging a pact with Queen Inenya of the Arkhosian Empire, Dolmir led the Queen’s army to liberate Cove Haven, but was himself killed in the fighting.

But the former pirate haven had changed drastically in the time Dolmir had been away. Under Bael Turath’s control, the sleepy town had become a true city, and had actually prospered. Major religions had built temples there, and even the Imperial University had constructed an arcane academy within its newly fortified walls. Queen Inenya immediately saw the advantages of controlling the city, and with Dolmir dead, she suffered no real resistance when she announced that Cove Haven was now a protectorate of the Arkhosian Empire. In honor of its liberation from Bael Turath, Inenya renamed the city “Liberty”.


Cove Haven

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