Lucan Drakemere's Holy Symbol

A heavy disc made of solid bronze depicting a dragon amid imagery of the astral sea.
Implement (Holy Symbol)
Enhancement: +3 to attack and damage rolls.
Critical: +3d6 damage
Power (Daily): Free Action. Use this power when you hit with an attack using this holy symbol. Each ally within 2 squares of you gains a +1 power bonus to all defences until the end of your next turn.

First given to Lucan by Rigossi, high priest of Ur-Argo, this symbol of the divine bronze dragon was in his possession until he was slain by his brother Lucius. After his death, Lucan’s holy symbol passed on to Balasaar, who turned away from worship of Sem to worship of Ur-Argo when he felt the divine power of the dragon god flowing through him at the scene of Lucan’s death.

Balasaar later fell in combat against agents of the cult of Tiamat at the Battle of Ghostwall and the holy symbol is now though to rest somewhere beneath the ocean in the Sea of Ghosts.

Lucan's Holy Symbol

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Lucan Drakemere's Holy Symbol

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