The Hagmarsh

North of Liberty City lies the vast swamp known as the Hagmarsh. The Hagmarsh, long ago known by the elven name Inim-Fáreryniel, has always been a place of abundant life where the boundary between the mortal realm and the Feywild is weak.

Though no reliable map of the Hagmarsh exists (in fact, it is a popular legend that the waterways, plants and earth in the marsh constantly shift as if alive), there are regions and landmarks that seem to be constant.

The northern end of the marsh is known as The High Bog. Here there is a little more dry land (dry being a relative term) as the marshland rises eventually to meet the foothills and mountains to the north.

In the High Bog can be found Thygard Keep, once home to the cult of Tiamat. Also here is a patch of land where, from time to time, a pleasant country cottage will appear, the glow of a warm fire and the smell of baking drawing weary travellers to the home of Morwa, Mab and Morag, three sisters who call the Hagmarsh home.

The High Bog is also where the Warden’s Circle can be found, for those who know how to find it. This ancient circle of standing stones is a sacred place of primal power and a point of light in an otherwise dark swamp.

Moving southward in the marsh travellers will find their way to The Weeping Mire. This particularly foul part of the Hagmarsh is filled with stagnant pools of foetid water and poisonous swamp gasses that combine to cause one’s eyes to water and lungs to choke. The Weeping Mire extends across the length of the Hagmarsh, bordered at its southern end by a languid river rumoured to be home to naiads, maenads and other similar fey creatures who lay in wait for any creatures they can tempt into joining them beneath the water.

Past the river lies the Briarwood, a tangles of twisted trees and grasping thorns where few who enter ever return to tell of what they have seen.

Past the Briarwood lies The Dreaming Lake, a large, murky body of water where it is said the ghosts of drowned travellers can be seen just below the surface, grasping at any who approach the surface of the water too closely.

The Hagmarsh

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The Hagmarsh

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