The Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is unofficially known as the Thieves’ Quarter, because it is the most lawless place in Liberty. Narrow, filthy streets wind through the city’s slum district, where the city’s poor have turned to deceit, thievery, and violence to fill their starving bellies. Only the bravest (or most foolhardy) walk the darkened streets alone — and, with the overhanging cliffside above, the Old Quarter’s streets are in shadow for most of the day. (The hours from early to mid-afternoon are called “Thieves’ Twilight” in Liberty.) Not everyone in the Old Quarter is as cruel or corrupt as the rumors suggest — but almost no one in the Old Quarter is above profiting from the misfortunes of others.

The Old Quarter is so named because it lies on the site of the original village of Cove Haven. As Cove Haven grew, the Old Quarter became less and less fashionable, until it became the domain of the city’s disenfranchised, a place for the sick and the desperate to eke out a living. Food is scarce, and medicines even more so, but alcohol and drugs are both in ready supply. In fact, those looking to buy anything imaginable (and not too particular about its legality or provenance) can usually locate a shop here that sells it.

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The Old Quarter

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