The Oubliette

Liberty has its share of magic-using criminals, and magic-using criminals are notoriously difficult to keep imprisoned. Knock makes a mockery of a locked cell door, and gaseous form ensures that an air vent is also an escape route—and even a thorough search doesn’t always find every material component a spellcaster might hide on her person. So, to keep its spellcasting prisoners in custody, the city of Liberty created a prison specifically designed to keep them locked up: the Oubliette.

During the reign of Emperor Orasir, the massive, thick-walled building at the southern end of town was a great library—a repository of historical records, treatises on a multitude of subjects, and books and scrolls relating nearly every myth or legend known to the world. Alas, during the siege by the High Kingdom, the library caught fire, and all of its priceless, irreplaceable documents were forever destroyed.

A few months later, Queen Inenya began to recognize a need for a place to keep magic-using criminals, as well as a place to store the tools of their trade. The abandoned library had some of the thickest walls in the city—perfect for foiling various detection divinations—and was compartmentalized, allowing for easy conversion from storage vaults to prison cells.

Over the next couple of years, the arcane watch arrested dozens of lawbreakers and imprisoned them in the old library, which came to be known in the spellcasting community as “the Oubliette.” Though a few powerful spellcasters did actually escape during those early years, the Oubliette has gained a reputation as an inescapable prison where arcane criminals go to never be seen or heard from again. Rumour in the arcane community is that strange creatures prowl the halls of the Oubliette, feeding on the arcane power of the prisoners and keeping them too weak to even contemplate escape.


The Oubliette

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